Yardi Voyager Social Housing

Gain the efficiency of a seamless software solution to manage Canadian social housing

Consolidate property management, accounting and province-specific program tracking with Yardi Voyager Social Housing. Extend functionality by adding value-add solutions to automate property maintenance, resident screening, payment processing, energy management and more in a single connected solution.


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Simplify Workflows

Streamline social housing property management processes based on provincial legislation and requirements.

Automate workflows for efficiency, accuracy and time savings; tailored to your business requirements.

  • Calculate rent geared to income
  • Track subsidy rates and rent supplement programs
  • Manage waitlists with Yardi Coordinated Access
  • Easily set up new leases
  • Quickly process move-ins and move-outs
  • Maintain resident and landlord contact histories
  • Record counseling and other case management services

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Empower Accounting

Improve financial management with a full-featured system that meets all applicable accounting standards.

Voyager is a tier-one financial accounting solution geared for real estate management with configurable capabilities such as:

  • Multiple sets of books
  • Real-time general ledger data processing
  • Customizable account trees
  • Electronic banking and bank reconciliation
  • Flexible budgeting and modeling
  • Integrated toolset for custom analytics

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Optimize Reports

Improve oversight of business-wide data with real-time reporting tools and drilldown to the transaction level.

Yardi Voyager includes a comprehensive set of standard reports as well as tools to configure and customize reports to meet your requirements.

  • Multi-level reporting from single entity to consolidated properties
  • Flexible dataset configurations using custom account trees
  • Report configurations recorded at individual property levels

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Navigate Smarter

Execute tasks faster with user-friendly, Google-style search functions along with favorites, histories and keyboard shortcuts.

Smart navigation tools include a menu search box to find functions and a site search box to quickly find account information. Make a favorites list of the screens you use most or use the history function to see where you’ve been.

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Boost Mobility

Drive efficiency with a solution optimized for all web browsers, smart phones and tablets.

Hosted in the Yardi cloud, Voyager is available anywhere you need it to be and accessible on all major desktop and handheld devices. Operate with confidence knowing your solution is backed by the largest software and support teams in the industry.

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Extend the Platform

Build a comprehensive business solution by adding value-add products to the Yardi Voyager platform.

Our suites feature comprehensive marketing, leasing, facilities management, energy management, procurement, invoice processing, payment processing and more.