Revenue Management

Maximize revenue with better results, better service, and complete visibility

Increase rental income and improve occupancy with the dynamic revenue management system built into Yardi Voyager and Asset Intelligence. Clients using RENTmaximizer gained on average over 6% net rental income growth while improving occupancy — and properties using RENTmaximizer consistently beat the market by at least 2%.
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Increase Occupancy and Boost Profits

Price your apartments to optimize occupancy and maximize profits. Watch the RENTmaximizer video for a quick overview or download our brochure. When you are ready to see more, join a webinar or contact us to schedule a personal demo.

See how it works

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Get Better Results

Drive revenue with clear, comprehensive metrics focusing on operational components including rental income, concessions, occupancy and rental rates — not just pricing.

See how HNN Associates does it

Leases are priced by the system daily, which allows for fast adjustment to market conditions and changes in your inventory and traffic, while adjusting for cost constraints such as vacancy loss, turnover costs, inventory hold days and lease expiration management.

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Tim Reardon

Director of Revenue Management
Bridge Property Management, LC

"Our RENTmaximizer properties showed 7.37% rent growth, beating respective markets by 3.25%."
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Gain a Revenue Manager

Manage your business while we help you manage your pricing with a solution that includes the dedicated support of an experienced revenue manager.

Read how Avesta gets better service with RENTmaximizer

Your dedicated revenue manager will get to know your business processes, assets, and goals to provide superior support and work with you to maximize your returns. And, as a RENTmaximizer client, you’ll receive this service plus continuous training to promote ongoing success.

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Improve Visibility

Track your rent movement, understand your financial and operational performance and know your market in real time — including every comp and how you compete.

Provide extensive revenue intelligence for your operations team and give your managers confidence in the rental prices they offer. With this transparent system you’ll see:

  • Rental rates and occupancy data
  • Pricing options for prospects and residents
  • Property performance benchmarking (compared to the market, submarket, and competition)

Empower Your Success

Watch how Pillar Properties used RENTmaximizer on their lease-up to be “quietly awesome” with 4% rent growth over a 6-month period.

Watch a 3-minute video

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Access Market Intelligence

Enhance your revenue management strategy and boost the performance of individual assets with nationwide intelligence built into RENTmaximizer.

Combine market-specific data with your RENTmaximizer data to accurately benchmark performance and factor it into rent projections and calculations. Get accurate indicators of economic trends and performance with nationwide intelligence on markets, submarkets, competition, developments, rents, occupancy, and more.