Voyager Government

Automates all Real Estate Processes

The most comprehensive set of real estate, financial, accounting and management tools for government, all built into the Web-based Voyager platform.

From the smallest to the largest government agencies, Yardi Voyager automates all real estate processes with role-based dashboards, workflows, property, tenant and lease details, critical date notifications and analytics, to help you increase efficiency and improve decision-making. The Voyager platform also combines financial, department and fund accounting with budgets, forecasts, construction and maintenance for a holistic view of your portfolio for your internal and external stakeholders.

Product Highlights

  • Real-Time Analytics

    Yardi Analytics delivers real-time property and financial key performance indicators that allow managers to analyze information in a fast and flexible way. Analytics are built to facilitate drilldown to source transactions, and flexible enough to slice and dice property data by attributes such as portfolio, region, period, and currency.

    • Analyze by fund, attribute, entity, GL book, segment, period or department
    • Create your own KPIs with custom analytics
    • Compile monthly, quarterly, and yearly report packages
    • Drill down to source transactions and data
    • Publish to PDF or Excel
    • Email report packages automatically

    The analytics engine leverages the Voyager platform by drawing directly from the operating general ledger transactions.

  • Efficient Lease Management

    Track leases and process receivables with the same automation and database integration leveraged by thousands of public, private and nonprofit organizations around the world—at an affordable price. Eliminating data reentry and housing all lease information in one system saves staff time and reduces the opportunity for errors.

  • Integrated Asset Management

    Voyager gives you a comprehensive, integrated system for long-term management, tracking and reporting capabilities for facilities and leased real estate.

  • Document Management

    Yardi Document Management will redefine how you process documents and communicate with others. It allows you to efficiently manage a vast array of documents and create customized correspondence, documents, forms, and stakeholder reporting packages. Templates merge with financial data, reports and graphs, and generated documents can be automatically emailed, printed, or saved as PDFs.

  • Critical Dates and Notifications

    Critical dates, tasks, and notifications are an integral part of the Voyager system. Dates, tasks, and email notifications display directly on the user’s dashboard, so that important deadlines are never missed. In addition, you can use tasks and email notifications to perform valuable internal audit functions. The system delivers daily, weekly, or monthly notifications.

Key Features
  • Single platform and database with full drilldown for true visibility
  • Integrated accounting and property management functions
  • Role-based dashboards and critical date notifications
  • Maximum information sharing, minimum data entry
  • Analytics and insight for better decisions
  • Features multiple GAAP, multi-language and multi-currency capabilities
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment
Key Benefits
  • Automates lease management and receivables tracking
  • Provides comprehensive, integrated facilities management, tracking and reporting
  • Enhances workforce efficiency and reduces spreadsheet dependency
  • Enables fast completion of tasks throughout the entire property management lifecycle
  • Improves decision-making and ensures informed strategies with real-time analytics that highlight risk
  • Integrates critical dates, tasks and email notifications into user dashboards so that important deadlines are always met