Leverage the market data and information service for real estate professionals

Empower your business with the same information that leading real estate investors across the U.S. rely on to make better business decisions. For multifamily, office, industrial and self storage properties, we deliver the information you need to take control of property prospecting, preliminary underwriting and asset management processes. Request a demo.


Property acquisition
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Search Proactively

If you are in the business of property acquisition, take control of the prospecting and preliminary underwriting process.

See how we can help you find value-add prospects

Proactively search for the right deals, not just the deals that happen to be “on the market,” uncovering value that drives superior investment returns.

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Target the Right Market

Be in control of the sales origination and preliminary underwriting process as a broker or underwriter. Target owners early in the disposition process, and those currently active in the acquisition market.

Target the right markets with the right data

Perform preliminary underwriting utilizing sales comps, rent comps, detailed unit mix and rent history.

Target market
Property acquisition
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Benchmark Performance

The Yardi Matrix service provides critical data to the professional property manager. Our comprehensive property-level data makes it easy to benchmark property performance, canvas competitors and neighborhoods and find new contracts.

Find out how to benchmark performance

Benchmark property performance to similar assets in the local submarket or custom micro-market.

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Assess Prospective Sites

Discover other projects that are in the development pipeline for the market or surrounding areas; evaluate the demand/supply balance.

Leverage powerful research tools for performing assessments

Assess a market's current competitive environment, with composition and rental rate history at the submarket or custom micro-market level.

Property development

Reach Prospective Customers

For service providers or vendors to the real estate industry, we enhance your ability to reach out to prospective customers like never before. Save time by contacting the decision maker for every property, the first time.

Learn how to find the decision makers

Industry Service Provider